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Be A Part Of Blackpool Illuminations ? A Lighting Festival Like No Other
Published on 12th October 2015
"Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones and I will try to fix you." These lines have been taken from a track composed by the British rock band, Coldplay. If you had asked for what Blackpool Illuminations is all about, these lines pretty much sum up this event. Blackpool Illuminations is a lighting festival that is held in this seaside resort every Autumn. Its first installment, correctly called the "electric sunshine' was held way back in 1879, when the Promenade shone with 8 arc lights. In 1913, after witnessing the success of the event, the Blackpool Chamber of Commerce decided to host the Illuminations every year. Since then, the splendour of the festival has gone a notch up every year, with an increase in the number as well as the intensity of lights. The lights are up, illuminating the Promenade for about 2 months starting from September. This is a visual memory you would love to take back home from your vacation. As a tradition, a well known celebrity is invited to switch on the lights every year;this year it was film director Tim Burton. So, the unveiling of the display is done by someone who is a star in his/her own right. The lights, this year will go off on 8th November. Make sure you are present to get inspired. For over a century, Blackpool Illuminations has been an iconic event in British Culture. There are many people who visit the seaside resort in this period just to have a glimpse of the lights. If you are having similar plans, you must book Blackpool holiday accommodation to reserve your apartment now. Lynton Apartments is a self catering holiday accommodation provider in the heart of Blackpool that offers you a comfortable stay, allowing you to experience the sights and sounds that Blackpool has to offer. So, don't waste anymore time ? another 37 days to go before the Illuminations go off!

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