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Published on 17th July 2017
Picnicking is one of the UK?s most enjoyable summertime traditions so grab your family and friends and visit Blackpool?s mind blowing outdoors. It?s a great way to learn.
We?ve put together few of the best picnic spots in Blackpool.
Magnificent Beach:surrounded by 6 miles of radiant golden sand, Blackpool proudly flaunts national awards for all four of its pristine beaches. Have a perfect family picnic on the beach;nothing can go wrong with a heady mix of al fresco dining and sea breeze. Families come here to start an impromptu game of cricket or football or create their very own regal sandcastle or go for a splash through the shallows or sit back and soak up the sun.
Zoo:Blackpool has more than 3000 animals, from aardvarks to zebras, cockroaches to giraffes, it offers a perfect day out with friends and family.
Salisbury Woodland:A spectacular wildlife destination! If you adore nature than Salisbury Woodland is the perfect place for you. Nature enthusiasts will see birds such as kingfishers darting along the stream as well as tree creepers, greater spotted woodpeckers and blackcaps. It is also home to pipistrelle bats that feed on insects at night;orange tip butterflies, speckled wood and peacock and multitude variety of dragonflies.
With countless such attractions, planning a trip to Blackpool has to be on your to-do list next!
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