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Blackpool - Not Just A Coastal Hamlet Anymore
Published on 27th July 2015
For much of its earlier history, Blackpool wasn't really known to people. It was just a small settlement by the sea in Lancashire, Northwest England. It was only in the middle of the eighteenth century that this borough began attracting travelers from places, far and wide. It was then when things started to move along to connect it to other places within England, like Manchester and Halifax.
Talking about the history of Blackpool, we can't forget the contribution of one - Henry Banks. His role is significant from the architectural aspect of this small town in Lancashire. The real development of Blackpool however, occurred when a railway network was built to connect it to northern towns of industrial significance.
Blackpool Promenade was made to make it a prominent seaside resort. It was around this time that the invention of electric light was creating quite a stir. Blackpool benefited from this immensely. Many people were attracted towards the town for this very reason, which resulted in an increase in its population.
In the twentieth century, the borough developed at a great pace. New gardens, parks, museums, and many other attractions begin to be built to attract tourists.
Today, Blackpool is a thriving seaside resort with profuse attractions to lure visitors. If you want to experience Blackpool's awesomeness, you will need comfortable accommodation options to make your stay comfortable. Lynton Apartments will offer you just that. Serviced apartments in the heart ofBlackpool - you will love your stay and your vacation even more. These are self catering accommodation options in Blackpool that provide you hotel-like amenities and the freedom to cook and do what you are used to at your home.

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