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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Blackpool For A Vacation
Published on 10th March 2016

If you are on a budget, Blackpool is the perhaps the nicest seaside resort to visit for a vacation in all of England. Here are 10 great reasons to visit Blackpool for a family vacation.

1. Coastal Space is Among the Best in the Country
Sprawling coastal regions offering a fantastic view of the sunset is one reason alone to visit Blackpool city. The climate here is rather moderate that makes walking on the warm sand while enjoying sea breezes, absolute bliss.

2. Best Pubs In and Around the Neighbourhood
Whether you are on your way back from the beach, or looking for a friendly night out, the pubs in the Blackpool will welcome you with open arms. There is plenty of singing and dancing that makes them an ideal entertainment setting for the entire family.

3. Heightened Shopping Experience
If you consider yourself a shopping buff, Blackpool is certainly not going to disappoint. Local retailers have a great sense of personality which is apparent from the collections present at their shops.

4. Fastest and Tallest Roller Coaster
Blackpool is home to the fastest and tallest roller coaster in all of UK:The Big One. If you are a thrill seeker who wants to push your adrenaline rush to its limits, you are going to love it.

5. Best Deals on Amusement Parks
If you are a family, Blackpool is perhaps the most ideal choice to take your children to for a fun-filled vacation. Tickets to amusement parks here are quite reasonable;especially with their out of season special offers which means you won?t mind spending a little extra on your precious ones.

6. Lip-Smacking Food
If there's one thing that Blackpool is famous for, it is for Fish &Chips which is available across nearly all restaurants in the city. You can either order a takeaway, eat while lounging near the beach or you can sit inside the restaurant itself and enjoy a nice ambience.

7. The Golden Mile
The visit to Blackpool city is incomplete without paying a visit to the Golden mile. The long stretch of promenade along the coast will certainly leave some happy memories and will let you soak in the tranquility that Blackpool embodies.

8. Home to Amazing Arcades
If you want to indulge yourself in the pleasure of gaming or slot machines, look no further than Blackpool. There are innumerable arcade hubs in the city that house virtually every kind of gaming or slot machine available on the planet.

9. Annual Illuminations
As the sun sets on the horizon, the city comes alive with thousands of lights. You will see oversized cartoon characters and scene settings along the coast which will bring out your inner child.

10. Best Options Available for Accommodation
Blackpool is where you get the best value for every penny spent in terms of accommodation. Rental apartments for Blackpool holiday accommodation is perhaps the best alternative for staying in the city. Rates at these apartments are rather pocket-friendly and you get to enjoy ample space and freedom without compromising on luxury. Many Blackpool apartments are centrally located which means neighbouring sightseeing areas and other attractions are only a stones throw away. The above mentioned reasons are perhaps just enough to instil a sense of excitement about visiting Blackpool. However, there?s plenty more waiting for you. Come take a look and find out for yourself!

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